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I have a sample already! <<<

  • The most efficient and accurate way is to mail your sample to our address, and our sales staff will make a quotation based on the sample. You can also provide us with the sample information first in order to arrange an estimated quotation in advance. Please take photos of your existing samples, the photos need to be taken from different directions, front, back, inside and out. At the same time, please inform the sample specifications, materials, customized logo files and the number of colors included in the logo. Your purchase quantity, delivery time and other requirements. Send information to mailbox below.

I don`t have a sample yet.

  • You can browse our product catalog and choose a style that suits your current use. Don't mind the specifications, colors, materials, etc. of the style you currently see on our website, because we can completely customize it according to your needs. We also want to know the purpose of this packaging product? For packing of gifts, cosmetics, shopping or others, so that we can recommend to you the best-selling and price-competitive styles at present.

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