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VIP Order Service

We now have some new ideas!

Dedicated to the handbag industry for more than 10 years, we have accumulated and mastered a wealth of industry experience and resources.

In view of the wide acclaim and long-term trust and support of many domestic and foreign customers, we decided to launch VIP exclusive ordering service.

Different from the many requirements that need to be met for mass order production, VIP customers can exclusively enjoy our global unique style customization service.

If you are a bag enthusiast, then we are the handbag experts you need!

The best materials, unique styles, and private exclusive customization.

We promise to produce only one customized handbag for VIP customers, which belongs to you alone.

You can send your manuscripts, creative drawings and other documents to our VIP service mailbox below


The detailed plan, customized process, cost and other information will be answered by the customer service staff.

Thank you for your trust!